We are a team of founders, executors, investors and tech-lovers

Not just providing the infrastructure and technology to help you build your business with a mix of tools, resources and human power, we also support in finding product-market-fit, building out your sales and marketing capabilities, and recommend business strategies to achieve your goals. We provide you with a carefully curated dedicated team to help you supercharge your vision and expand your business.

Our Team

Azmie Vairi


Edward Prayogo

Head of Operational & Finance



Faisal Amir

Head of Technology

Back End Programmer

Patra Purbaya

Mobile App Developer

Rekha Dyah Maharani

Back End Programmer

Mochammad Nizwar Syafuan

Mobile App Developer

Nadiah Vitha Julfira

Account Executive

Dean Nasution

Front End Programmer

Syarif Fadli

Back End Programmer

Ade Maulana Lubis

Back End Programmer


Account Executive